Welcome to CritiCare Intensivists

We are a group of experienced physicians and business leaders dedicated to providing improved clinical outcomes and reduced costs for hospital ICUs, and to offering rewarding opportunities for physicians seeking careers in critical care.

Each year, almost six million critically ill patients are admitted to intensive care units in the United States. Research shows that institutions deploying structured intensivist programs achieve better clinical outcomes, reduced ICU costs, shortened lengths of stay, lower readmissions and overall higher levels of satisfaction among patients and their families than traditional models of care.

Launched by a senior leadership team with three decades of experience in intensivist-led care, CritiCare offers a data-driven approach to serving the needs of the modern ICU. Peer-reviewed research shows that mortality rates in intensive care units can be as much as 40 percent lower when patient care is managed by an intensivist. Our board-certified critical care physicians provide personalized, around-the-clock care for ICU patients, meeting their unique needs with solutions tailored to them. Rather than being managed by physicians whose principal responsibilities lie outside of the ICU, patients served by CritiCare intensivists always receive focused care, free from potential distractions.

Our approach has proven beneficial to hospitals and health systems, which can expect to achieve significant cost savings as a result of our model of care. Studies have shown that hospitals which utilize intensivists for critical care reduce their costs by as much as $13 million per year. By managing their ICU with a CritiCare intensivist, our clients will gain access to an elite medical team whose decades of experience in critical care enables them to utilize resources more efficiently than traditional models of ICU physician coverage. While others may make this claim, we back it up. Over many years of managing hospital ICUs, our team has always demonstrated a return on investment for our clients; evidenced by having never lost an ICU contract.

Hospitals that choose to manage their ICUs with CritiCare physicians will have peace of mind in knowing that our teams follow evidence-based protocols based on industry best practices. Our focus on promoting from within also helps ensure team continuity and adherence to CritiCare’s system of care. Our intensivists grow as we grow, providing leadership and continuity of care that is invaluable to our patients and to the institutions we serve. Our intensivists benefit from 24/7 access to our senior leadership team, and participate in regular career development sessions to ensure that CritiCare clients always receive care in line with industry best practices.

If you are an intensivist hoping to utilize your specialized skills in an environment that values your work, you’re in the right place. If you are a health system administrator searching for ways to improve the performance of your ICU, we’re glad you are here. CritiCare is the answer, and we’d be happy to talk to you about how we can work together to serve your needs.


Jay Cowen, M.D.
President and CEO