CritiCare’s mission is to implement intensivist-led ICU management programs driven by evidence-based practice to measurably improve quality and reduce cost.

Our board-certified critical care physicians are dedicated to providing around-the-clock ICU care. There’s no wait for physicians to respond to emergencies or finish treating patients elsewhere. Our experts lead multidisciplinary teams in the ICU, employing the CritiCare proven system of care, and continually measuring and improving outcomes.

CritiCare helps ensure your ICU complies with the latest guidelines and recommendations from government agencies and industry influencers such as The Leapfrog Group and The Joint Commission.

Solutions for Hospitals

Our evidenced-based approach has been established as the best model for delivering the highest standards of patient care and improved medical outcomes.

Careers for Physicians

Join our dedicated group of intensivists, expand your skill set and advance your career.

How can your hospital deliver consistently better care to your most complex and vulnerable patients?

Improving medical outcomes and the quality of care for critically ill patients is a challenge for many hospitals. Medical institutions that follow an intensivist-led model consistently outperform peers on the most important outcomes such as patient mortality, healthcare-associated infections, length of stay, readmissions, and more.

How can an intensivist-led ICU program raise quality and lower costs for your hospital?

An evidence-based, intensivist-led program gives your hospital access to a dedicated team of highly trained specialists whose sole focus is to deliver measurable, ongoing improvements in care quality and efficiency in the ICU. Beyond improved medical outcomes, results include greater patient and family satisfaction and lower hospital costs.

According to the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), hospitals can save up to $13 million per year when care is delivered by an intensivist-directed multi-professional team.